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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a commodity broker with services tailored to your individual future trading needs - regardless of your experience level. is on the cutting edge of commodity trading technology providing the futures investor with the tools needed to make intelligent futures trading decisions and efficiently execute those trades.

How do I open an account?

Simply complete our future trading account application online. When you have completed the form you can print your application sign it and mail it to:
141 West Jackson Blvd.
Suite 4106
Chicago, IL. 60604

Or we can send you an futures trading account application by mail. Complete the futures trading account application. Sign it, and send it back to:
141 West Jackson Blvd.
Suite 4106
Chicago, IL. 60604

After we receive the futures trading account application and the initial deposit made out to ADM Investor Services you will be up and trading.

What markets can I trade?

You can trade all U.S. futures markets as long as margin requirements are met.

  • Currencies

  • Energies

  • Financials

  • Grains

  • Indices

  • Meats

  • Metals

  • Softs

Can I speak to someone in person?

We will have a licensed Series 3 futures broker here to answer phones from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm CT at 1-888-942-7829. You can also e-mail us to have a licensed futures broker call at your convenience.

What are your margin requirements?

Each futures exchange sets margin requirements and they will change periodically to reflect the changing volatility of the different commodities markets. Our margins will always equal those set by our clearing corporation, ADMIS. ADMIS's margins mirror the exchange requirements with few exceptions.

How can I enter trades?

If you want to enter futures trades without assistance from a futures broker you can enter the orders online with our easy to follow order entry system,

If you prefer speaking with a professional futures broker, you may call our trading desk to enter trades.


How much will I pay in commissions?

Your commission will vary depending on the type of service you require, the size of the account, and the experience of the futures trader. Commission costs can be deeply discounted if you require no assistance from a futures broker. However we also provide full service brokerage programs at competitive rates.  Give us a call to get a rate customized to fit your needs.

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